Director Message

PT Krakatau Engineering (formerly PT Krakatau Engineering Corporation) was found on October 12th, 1988, as a subsidiary of PT Krakatau Steel (persero) Tbk. Today, PT Krakatau engineering operational office located in Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon, has an area 70.000 m^2 with 4.000 m^2 as an head office building and 1.600 m^2 as a project offices building, Marketing office with area about 270 m^2 located in seventh floor at Krakatau Steel building located at Jakarta.

As an operational supporting, PT Krakatau Engineering has a workshop and fabrication facilities in area of 2.800 m^2 above in area of 5.000 m^2, and other existing function facilities such as; mosque, library, canteen, storage building, open space, learning center, multipurpose building and display room.

Sales growth rate of PT Krakatau Engineering in the last 5 years shows the sharp rise in the graph, this is caused by increased the amount of the bid was won, furthermore value of his work.

Based on the support of PT Krakatau Steel & Group (as a manufacturer of steel), project experience, professionalism and competence of PT Krakatau Engineering, has often partnered with leading EPC Contractor of national and international level, currently PT Krakatau Engineering was invited by some foreign company as a partner in collaboration project by joint venture or consortium.

PT Krakatau Engineering continually improving internal capabilities, especially to increase in competence, raise capital and invest in specialized equipment, to enter the group of 5 EPC Contractor of the leading companies at the national level, which is still included in the top 10.

PT Krakatau Engineering as a member of several official associations which required by the Government, always comply to regullation of certification requirements and competencies for business entities and personnel

  • To be able fulfill customers demand in Global market, PT Krakatau Engineering increase it competence with several international standard, such as:
  • Quality management system of ISO 9001 : 1994 since 1996, and continuously with ISO 9001: 2008 from 2009 until now.
  • Safety management system of OHSAS 18001 : 2007 and SMK3 (Sistem Manajemen K3) or Management System for health and safety.
  • Environment Management System of ISO 14001 : 2004.

In an effort to satisfy customers, moreover got an appreciation from customers in safety, construction method and accelerated completion work, PT Krakatau Engineering also got some Award from Independent institute which is reputable in National, such as :

  • International Quality Award (IQA) which is gave for attainment to the Corporate performance
  • IICG (Indonesian Institute Corporate governance) which is measured public trusty level to the Corporate.

To enlarge business activities and it operations, PT Krakatau Engineering holding on to some principles that serve the corporate culture, that is "ACTION " (Accountable, Customer, Focus, Trustworthy, Innovative, Optimal and Neat) and the Company motto is "Faster, Better & Effective Cost".

President Director


Lussy Adriaty Dede