PT. Krakatau Steel is Indonesia's only integrated steel plant. Since its establishment in 1974, the company has grown to become the largest integrated steel plant in south east Asia. As one of the nation's strategic industries, Krakatau Steel will continue to foster and support the development of downstream industries in the interest of Indonesia's nation development program.

With this crucial objective in mind, Krakatau Steel established PT. Krakatau Engineering Corporation (hereinafter only called 'Krakatau Engineering' or 'KE') as a wholly-owned subsidiary to further develop the technical expertise gained in the previous engineering and project management contracts.

Krakatau Engineering currently serves and conducts the projects in form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract basis, Industrial Maintenance and also consultancy services (Engineering, Study, and Project Management).

Krakatau Engineering formed around a nucleus of highly skilled personnel from Krakatau Steel's Engineering and Construction Management Division. Gained from this resources, Krakatau Engineering are able to apply their experience and capability to conduct the expansion and up-grading of its parents company's production facilities and infrastructures, as well as serve outside parent company either in industrial plant project and infrastructures, such as: Pulp & Paper Mill, Urea & Ammonia Plant, Crude Palm Oil Mill, Overhead Transmission Line, Buildings, Jetty, Pipeline and other projects.

With is highly trained and experienced personel and resources, Krakatau Engineering will provide his services in a wide range of clients in Indonesia's industrial plant and infratructures sectors. In this way, Krakatau Engineering continuously plays an important role in building the country's economic strength.